This blog is about the use of virtual worlds in and for real life, as a matter of fact, I am a resident in second life, and I find most people around me are using second life as a game, while there is a percent of people who used second life as a way to communicate, and other useful things, this is where virtual world is part of the information age. The subjects which this blog normally writes about are emerging, but normally it is ART, Muisc, Science, fashion ( as I believe it there is still a connection between RL and SL life styles ) and virtual communication in general.

I believe that it is only a matter of time before enterprise software consists of only four types of application: virtual world, graphics art, publishing, search,  conversation. I believe it could happen like tomorrow, but what holds it is a big disrespect of digital rights and intellectual property, compound with the stereotypical uses of virtual worlds ideas. However a mix between virtual world software, graphics software ( like Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, etc) and DTP software is possible to be done with today technology, but what didn’t exist yet is the boldness to do it, and the market needs.

And then it is the web 3.0, and then it is the way our kids will spend time online.. and with a  Augmented reality (AR) it will be a scary future.

However, it sounds like a big challenge for now to have space in your time for virtual life, while you still live in second life, it is a discussed  topic, a big percent of SL bloggers are spending huge time in blogging, making photography, etc. I believe, we are in the information age, and it is always important to find a life style which allows you to do a lot of things each day.. I find it like the challenge of today life.

I believe one can do a blog post in time from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. I normally spend 30 minutes.. I always try to find the topics which concern our human socitey in second life search, then I tp, and I get surprised. To save  time, I write my blog entery in world using the help of an application called BlogHud. I don’t edit pictures in photoshop, but if Lindens lab would put some editing tools in world, I would feel happy to do that. And then, I use the windlight / sky settings to edit my photos and send them in world. I come here and make some small changes. then I am done.

So this blog tries to say that everyone of us can blog without wasting his RL or SL time, you can of course create your own tools, as I can code my own blughud as well, but in same time, I believe it is the age of customization. You are not supposed to do everything.

It was a great dream we had in youngnam, Me, Bibi, Kimba, may be also bitter, and GNE, and all these genius people I met in SL, that SL could emerge to an educational and communication experience.  ( hence: Kimba and Bibi are the first 2 who suggested the idea of making a virtual education system back days 2006 and some american professor stole the idea and started it, you can investigate how second life is useful in that manner by more than few universities in the world)

Right now, Second life is away from where it was looking like it meant to be, it is like a game, I believe if any body created the compound of appliations I talk about, it will be a great emerging in our virtual experience.  Add to them this AR thing which you see in this video, and in future remember to say: Hosho said!

Note: If you didn’t see this video,  You really should,  and then ask how your kids future would look alike.


2 Responses to “About This Blog”

  1. Morgaana Says:

    I third life? Could anyone be so lucky? Pleasure to watch you grow in you creativeity…~smiles~

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